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Have you ever felt like you weren't sure about what you were doing out there?

Have you ever wanted a second opinion on your swing? Or perhaps you have never had your swing looked at by a top coach?

SwingStation is now offering you the chance to have your swing analyzed by a Major Champion Coach, Robin Symes. All you need to do is video your own swing and send it in via email. This can all be done directly from your phone or a file from a digital camera. Robin will then analyze and compare your swing, suggesting proven fixes and drills.


Robin Symes - $60.00 USD Click Here For Robin's Profile


Step 1: Film a short video of your golf swing, putting stroke, or specific part of your game that you want analyzed. Below are example videos and tips for filming your swing to maximize success.

Step 2: Email your swings to along with your name, and phone number (optional).

Step 3: Make payment via Paypal here:

Step 4: Your video will be evaluated by Robin Symes, using state-of-the-art video analysis software. Within 2 working days, you will receive an email with a link to your personal locker at where you may review your swing analysis as often as you like, and start improving your game! From your locker, you can also download the video file if you wish to keep your own copy. If you provide your phone number, you will also receive a text message with a link to the video.


Nearly every Smart Phone or digital camera will work and can provide the footage we need to analyze your swing. If you have a high speed camera, this will be even better and allow for a more detailed analysis. It is not necessary to record in High Definition. All common video files are supported.

- If using a smart phone, hold the phone horizontal with the record button on the right side.
- Make sure you capture the entire swing.

- Use a 6 iron, unless there is a specific club that you want to work on.

- You do not have to be at a driving range or golf course. You can film your swing hitting air balls in your back yard if desired! Be sure to film your swing while hitting shots though. We all know that practice swings can be dramatically different than the swing with a ball present.

- Use a tripod if available. Tripods are not required, but do provide for a more stable video. If you do not have a tripod and are using a phone, try resting it on top of a wedge.

- Record shots which are "Down Sun" to the camera angle if possible.

- The ideal height for the camera is at waist level.

- Keep the clips short (no more than 5 seconds)



- Have the camera face you directly (perpendicular to the target line)

- Make sure you leave enough room for the club to extend both back and forth in the swing.


- Place the camera directly behind you, parallel to the target line. We recommend that you line the camera up behind your hands - not behind the ball or your feet.

How To FIlm Your Swing



“Simply great advice, and a must for any beginner golfer”


“Robin’s beginners series really made starting golf simple and fun”


Hi Robin

“Thank you so much for your time and the video, i think you have explained my faults very well and i will get to work on this right away, and thanks again for your good work”



“Thanks for the great analysis! I will practice the drills and send a new swing video soon”


Chris Dunn

Hi Robin
“I’ve watched it a couple of times now. Thanks so much- it’s great to have something to work on now”

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