Loss of Posture Drill


A drill to maintain your posture

Hi, Robin here. A very common swing fault is when players struggle to keep their posture in the back swing. Or they lose their posture in the back swing. Often you’ll see the left hip working forward, the left shoulder getting high. This will have a huge effect in the arms move and then the plane of the club. Thus making it difficult to compensate consistently, and hit good consistent shots.

One of the feelings or drills I’ve had a lot of success with is the left leg only drill. What I’ll ask you do if you feel you struggle with this fault, stand on your left leg only, putting your right foot behind your left foot, and create a little angle between the thigh and your stomach. Place the club across your chest, and simply make pivots to the top. Now the key point is here, I want you to maintain this angle between your thigh and your stomach. This left hip area will feel more stable. Your left glute will feel more stable. You’ll start to feel your shoulders winding up on plane. And once you feel for that, take your normal set up. be aware of this angle of left thigh to stomach. The stability of the hip and glute, and maintain that to the top. You’ll start to feel yourself widening up maintaining your posture, helping the movement of your arms and the plane of the club. This can only help you hit more consistent golf shots.

So, as always, if you have any comments or questions. please leave them below. I’ll try my best to get back to you as soon as possible. And for now, anybody struggling with fault of losing their posture in the back swing. I hope this little feeling and drill has helped you out.


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