Swing Key – Load the Index Finger

A simple key to create lag

Hi, Robin here. Here’s a simple key for anybody struggling, early releasing, maybe scooping through the impact zone. Club head is sort of in front of your hands. You’re really struggling with contact. When you do contact it well, you’ll be getting high weak ball flights. You’ll be losing distance.

Here’s the key. I want you to be really aware of the weight of the club head. How that puts pressure on your index finger of your right hand. So in the transition, I want you to feel how the swinging movement of the club head is increasing the pressure on this finger. Now, if you’re doing this, you’ll be creating a little more lag angle. The club head will naturally come down a little more behind your hands, the shaft leaning forward. You’ll get a more penetrating ball flight. You’ll be able to compress the ball a little more, improving your ball contact. So really be aware of the feeling in your index finger of your right hand. And try to feel the pressure increasing on that finger as your making the transition. The change of direction from the backswing to downswing.


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