Stable club shaft for improved timing

Hi, Robin here.

Here’s a simple key for anybody who feels like their club, arms, body get out of sync during the swing. You feel like they’re all sort of moving in different directions at different times. It’s very difficult to be consistent when you’ve got that going on in your swing. It almost feels lucky when you hit a good shot. Well, I say, a simple key. What I want you to do is at the top of your back swing I want you to feel that the club shaft is very stable. So the club shaft is stable before you start your downswing. Often when you’re out of sync, your body and arms and club are all sort of moving in different directions. The body will be way ahead of your arms and the club shaft. The club shaft will look unstable. It’ll look like it’s sort of falling in and lagging behind your body. So the key of keeping the club shaft stable before you start your downswing can help to get your timing back, your synchronization back, and hopefully help you hit more consistent shots.


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