Putting Drill – 10 in a row…


Putting drill to make more putts

Hi, Robin here. What I often talk about in my videos is that I like players to divide their putting practice into three areas. First of all technique on a straight putt. That’s where you can use multiple balls and do any drills you’ve been given by your coach. Part two, random putting practice, full routine, one ball, different putts, different lines, uphill, downhill. The goal of trying to make the putt like you’d be on the golf course. And last, a game, challenge yourself. Try to create a feeling of pressure. That’s important.

One of the games you can play to finish off your practice putting routine and there’s multiple games you can play is simply, on a straight putt, 3 to 4 meters in length, try to make 10 putts in row. Might seem very simple but often when you go to a tour event often you’ll see that the best players in the world are just doing simple drills. By making 10 putts in a row, whether it takes them 20 minutes or whether it takes them an hour, it gives them confidence in their stroke. The putt’s straight, so if you are making 10 of these in a row, you know your mechanics are performing well and that’s gonna give you some confidence going onto the course or going into a tournament.

It might take you time. But when you achieve it, you’ll have a sense of achievement. That’s a shocking putt to start off with there. I’d have to come back start again. I like players to go through, don’t try to just finish it quickly, go through your routine. For me when I am doing drills like this, said this in the past, it teaches me the importance of detail in my routine. At the edge. I have to start again. Now for the purpose of the video I won’t torture you with staying watching me until I can make 10 in a row but hopefully you get the idea. Don’t rush it. Go through your routine. You’ll start to learn things about yourself.

I already sensed that my alignment was a little left in the first two there. So I’ve made some improvement already. So 10 in a row. Keep going until you achieve it. Don’t give up on it because it’s when you get to ball number seven hitting nine, that’s when you start feeling the pressure, and you start to get the benefit of the drill. So as always if you’ve any comments please feel free to leave them at the bottom. If you’ve any suggestions you’d like me to talk about, I’d love to hear those. Hope it helps. Thanks for watching and see you next time.


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