Motion in Your Pre-Shot Routine


Keeping Moving at Address to Add Motion to Your Golf Swing


Hi, Robin here. I want to talk to you about your routine.  And more specifically, what you’re doing after you’ve addressed the golf ball.

What I don’t like to see players doing, is once they’ve taken their address position, they go into a static position. The club head is not moving.  There’s no pressure transfer between left and right foot. Often, when players do this, they stand over the ball for a long time. It leads to a tension buildup in the wrist, and the arms and the shoulders, which then leads to their swing which looks wooden and slow. There’s no dynamics; there’s no natural pressure transfer between the left and the right foot.

Nearly every elite golfer in the world, in my opinion, is in motion when they’re addressing the ball. The club head’s moving a little.  There’s a little bit of pressure transfer between the feet, almost like a dancing sensation, right foot to left foot. It leads to a swing which the wrists set naturally. It leads to a swing which has got good tempo and dynamics with a natural weight transfer, a natural pressure transfer between the feet.

I know when you first start the game, it’s natural. The ball’s small.  You’re trying to focus on making good contact.  You try to stay still. But this game is about motion and dynamics. You need these to be able to create speed and strike the ball solid, and a routine encourages that.

So get in motion. Look at the top players in the world. They all look a little different, but they’re in motion. The club head’s moving, and the common thing is, once the club head goes behind the ball, they pull the trigger, with almost no delay. I think that’s a really key point. Once the club head goes behind the ball, go! Don’t wait.

So let’s give it a try. My routine is a little bit of a waggle, right to left, club head goes behind – I go.

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