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Step by Step Guide to Learning Golf

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Learning this game can something be overwhelming, with all the information you feel you need to learn, and what makes it worse, is the lack of structure in the way this information is taught to you. This makes learning this game confusing, difficult, and often players give up before they have really given this game chance. Also, the early stages of this game are important, I have seen it too many times where players created bad habits at the beginning, which later on limited their potential, and as a result their enjoy of the game.

So what I have done is create a specific series of lessons aimed at the beginner golfer, it is a structured lesson program, a step by step process introducing you to the different aspects of the games over a timeline of 6 weeks. You will learn all the basics, and fundamentals you need to get out playing on the course, but in a simple, and structured manner.

“Simply great advice, and a must for any beginner golfer”

“Robin’s beginners series really made starting golf simple and fun”

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Master’s Degree Program in Golf Science & Industry
Kookmin University
Golf Mechanics
Code will be provided in class

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