In a Slump? Key Thought – External Focus


A simple Key to help reduce anxiety in set up

Hi, Robin here. Here’s a simple key for anybody who feels like they’re getting overly complicated in their swing. They’ve got four or five swing thoughts going on just to try to hit the ball straight. You’re thinking more about how you want to hit the ball, rather than where you want to hit the ball. What we need to do is we need to create an external focus, something outside the movement you’re trying to make. So, a simple key can be to really focus in on where you want the ball to finish, rather than how you want to hit the ball there.


It might be the color of the flag.  It might be the shape of shot you want to hit. But the key is get something that’s external, and then try to focus on that during the swing. So, I would focus in on the flag, the color of the flag; keep that in my mind as I’m taking my setup, and then swing with that image in my mind during the swing. I can take my mind away from what I’m doing, allowing my swing to be a little more subconscious. Say, that could help clear up your mind and help you hit better golf shots.


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