Golf Beginners Guide – 6 Weeks to the Course

Golf Beginners Guide – 6 Weeks to the Course


Often starting out in this game can feel overwhelming, with all the information you feel you need to learn, from equipment, to how do you address the ball and make a swing, how do you use different clubs, and you have the different aspects of short game.  Often, with the lack of structure in the way this information is taught to you and others, it can almost feel confusing, and many players give up before they’ve given this game a real chance.  Also, the early stages in this game are very important. I have seen it too many times where players have developed bad habits in the beginning, which really limits their potential later on, and as a result, their enjoyment.

So, what I’ve done is created a specific lessons series aimed at the beginner golfers.  It’s in a structured manner with a week by week process introducing you to the different elements of the game. I feel it’s fun and simple.  I’ve removed all the complicated information that really isn’t necessary at this stage. But you are going to learn all the basics and fundamentals you need to give you the best possible start in this game.  Now, I don’t claim to be a professional video producer, so the cost is low.  The price is less than one golf lesson.  But I am confident in saying to you that this series of lessons is going to give you the best possible start in the game, and you are going to learn all the fundamentals and basics in each element of the game.   So please go ahead and register, and receive unlimited access to the 7 videos in this series.

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“Remember the goal, to take you from knowing nothing at all, to playing on the course, and enjoying the game 6 weeks later”

Total Video Time: 90mins

Preparation - Intro & Equipment

•Explaining your equipment

“Simply great advice, and a must for any beginner golfer”

“Robin’s beginners series really made starting golf simple and fun”

Week 1 - The Grip

•Left hand Grip

•Right hand Grip

•Joining the hands

•Grip drill to follow at home

Week 2 - The Fundamentals



•Ball Position

•Basic aiming

•Basic swing plane

•Movement & Flow

•Hitting short chip shots

Week 3 - Building The Swing

•Body turn (pivot) concept

•Arms connected – Drill provided

•Weight transfer

•Wrist set

•Pitch shots, building up the length of the swing

•Aiming routine

Week 4 - The Full Swing

•More detailed ball position

•Concept of angle of attack

•Increasing the speed and motion to the swing

•Hitting full shots with irons

Week 5 - Driver & Woods

•Introducing the Driver & Fairway woods

•Ball position for the Driver & Fairway woods

•Concept of angle of attack

Week 6 - Short Game

•Introducing Short Game

•Putting Basics

•Chipping Basics

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