Back Garden Chipping


How to practice your chipping in your back yard


Hi, Robin here.  A tip for anybody who’s got a nice back garden and you want to use a little time to improve your short game. What can you do? Simple tip, put out some targets in your back lawn and practice hitting those targets with different clubs. Might seem very simple, but improving your ability to hit your landing area, so, you can see, I’ve used some three head covers here, but you can pretty much use any object at all. Some people create or make little baskets for the same purpose. But improving your ability to hit your landing spot will definitely improve your ability to get up and down, and make par when you’re out on the golf course.

So, choose your first spot. Simply try to land the ball on top of it. I don’t recommend keep going. So, in other words, don’t keep going to the same spot until you can hit it. Keep varying it like the way you’d be on a golf course, so you’ve got some different targets. Here I’ve got three, but you could have a lot more than that, depending on the space you’ve got to use.

Second target, try to land the ball on top of it. Pulled that one little bit.

The last target, again, focusing in on that. It’s improving your distance perception, improving your ability to judge the length and the speed you need to hit a certain target. Now, that will obviously change club to club. I’m using a 52-degree sand wedge here. Maybe if I got my pitching wedge or I got my 58-degree wedge out, the length of swing, the speed of swing would change to hit the same spot. But that’s what practice is for, improving your skill, improving your awareness. Not bad distance, just a little off on my direction.

But, as I say, simple tip, it’s a good way to make use of your time when you’re doing a little practice at home. Get some targets, practice landing the ball on target. Don’t keep going to one target. Vary it and improve your skill of varying speed, the speed in your swing, the length of your swing to land the ball where you want to land it.

As always, if you have any comments, anything, any ideas you’d like me to cover, please let me know in the Comments below. And, as always, thanks for watching. See you next time.


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